We are about to introduce a fully new hearing experience: a relief for musicians and their ears.

Our philosophy

With our new high-tech approach musicians get to control what they hear like never before. We combine active hearing protection with great user adjustability. Your own instrument, or a mix of instruments can be blended with the natural sound stage.

New but proven…

We tested our new approach in settings varying from symphony orchestras to rock bands. The results were the same: a great and safe hearing experience with excellent situational awareness.

The system

Our custom-fit ear pieces can reduce noise by > 30 dB, are extremely comfortable to wear, and contain cutting-edge transducer technology. A fast and precise DSP keeps your ears safe, and allows you to adjust the sound to your needs. All options are readily accessible and storable through the Private Ear app.

Now you’re in control

You can combine ambient sound with blended-in audio from other sources. This results in an open-sounding and natural listening experience. The sound can be tuned to your personal preferences. Our system suits anyone who currently uses either passive hearing protection or IEMs and musicians for whom there are currently no suitable solutions available.


The advantages over IEMs are:
  • a great, natural sound experience and no hearing damage
  • earplugs seem to disappear once the electronics are turned on
  • can be used stand-alone as well as in combination with a pro-audio or DJ set-up
  • easy to use, but also fully tweakable by user
  • perfect for rehearsals and private practice as well as concerts
  • easy communication between the musicians even during playing
  • safe and compliant with applicable regulations

Safe listening has never been so enjoyable. Please drop us a line if you have a question or if you’d like to get updates.

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Optimal safe sound experience for musicians


Gerrit Eijkelboom


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