Can’t wait? This coming summer, we will release a first series of Ones and offer them to a select group of musicians.

The deal

You’ll be the first ones to get Ones including custom-fit earpieces, the belt-pack system and indiviual support. In return we need your feedback to help fine-tune our product. Sounds good? Well, on top of this you’ll get a substantial first-user discount (€995+vat instead of €2600+vat).

However, only 20 musicians will have the chance to participate in this offer. We are looking for a broad variety of users and instruments to ensure that we receive valuable feedback to improve our product. Therefore, we require musicians who play and perform on a regular basis.

Indeed, I can’t wait

If you’re interested, fill out the form below, and we’ll get in touch with further details. Remember, there’s no obligation by filling out this form.