The ones

The Ones open your ears

With the Ones we are about to revolutionize the way musicians experience sound. As soon as you turn on the device you will feel relief and hear the best and safest sound you could imagine, including true situational stage sound.

Say goodbye to conventional in-ear monitors

Also for unamplified music

Today, the majority of musicians will experience hearing damage at some point in their careers. This includes classical musicians. The Ones will solve the problem at once. Are you playing the violin, percussion or French horn? The Ones will take care of your ears by providing the best and safest sound.

Are you tired of feeling disconnected from the world while using IEMs? Private Ear Ones are here to solve that problem. Our device is ambient-based, allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings and communicate with others while enjoying a fully immersive sound experience.

You can mix line-in sound with the true-to-life ambient sound. With a touch of your fingers you can balance the sound mix as you wish. You’ll be amazed: when you turn on the device the earplugs seem to disappear. Your ears open up. Safe and sound.

In every situation

Whether you’re a classical musician or a rock star, the Ones will provide you with the best and safest sound for every situation, including on-stage performances, practice at home, or small-scale aftershows. You can use the device both stand-alone and in combination with a line-in sound mix. Just the way you like.

Always hoped that good monitor sound could be this easy… Great sense of space too

Piet Rebel
Saxophonist (Bl!ndman, Artzoyd, Nederlands saxofoon kwartet)

Always control…

No longer do you need to depend on others to adjust your sound – the controls are right at your fingertips. Plus, with advanced settings available through our smartphone app, you can fine-tune your sound to your exact preferences. Found the perfect settings? Simply store them as a preset for easy access anytime. With The Ones, your personalized sound is always within reach.

…and insight

The belt-pack is an essential part of the system, showing you noise exposure and how much additional exposure time is left until maximum daily dose. But hang on, there is some extra magic in there: it is able to significantly reduce noise exposure without audibly limiting the sound, allowing you to play longer without the risk of hearing damage.


We’ve already tested our approach with symphonic orchestras and rock bands, and the feedback has been unanimous: it provides an excellent and safe hearing experience without making you feel isolated.


Our custom-fit earpieces and belt-pack system provide all noise reduction you need and exceptional sound quality. Plus, our groundbreaking DSP technology keeps your ears safe at all times and allows you to adjust the sound to your needs. With the accompanying smartphone app, you can easily access additional controls and functionalities for an even more personalized listening experience.


The Ones cater to anyone, from musicians who use in-ear monitors or earbuds to those who haven’t found a suitable solution at all.

Please be patient: they are coming soon…