Our story

Hearing damage is a big thing. According to the World Health Organization it’s one of the biggest and most costly problems in the coming decades.

How it all started

Our leader of the pack – Gerrit – is vocal coach and rock singer. In his practice he witnessed too many musicians suffering from hearing damage. And… he experienced tinnitus himself.

After researching the issue, he discovered that the main reason musicians don’t use hearing protection effectively is that the available options are often uncomfortable, unsuitable for different circumstances, or affect the sound too much. This takes energy from the musician, probably more than most people think.

In fact, the majority of professional musicians end up with hearing problems because they use protection ineffectively or not at all. For example, they may only use one in-ear monitor on stage instead of two, or skip hearing protection during practice sessions.

Even for classical musicians, there is no proper solution: passive earbuds protect the ears but can degrade the sound quality to such an extent that it’s unusable or unbearable.

This is why Gerrit decided to establish a team and to work on a real solution. He convinced a whole bunch of top experts to join the team and it took some time, but now they have created a super device for musicians.

A big ’thank you!’ to our partners

While we were working on the project many parties joined us and supported our challenge. Musicians, audiologists, the Dutch government, scientologists, theatres, and orchestras… the list is long and we would not have been where we are now without their help, advice and support.

Higly relaxing and detailed listening experience, I cannot wait to distribute these!

Han van den Essenburg
International salesmanager for TC Electronic, Dynaudio, Tannoy

A journey to continue

The Ones is the first product we will offer and we are working on a dosimetry solution for orchestras. But there is much more to accomplish, because many more professionals are risking the health of their ears: industry workers, military, sports, entertainment, …

Our technology can work for them too.

Like to join our team?

At the moment we have all expertise we need on board. But we are open to anyone who thinks she or he can contribute to our team. Of course.