Hearing protection & dosimetry for orchestras

We are dedicated to helping orchestras protect their most valuable asset: their musicians’ hearing. Goal is to get real-time dosimetry data during performance as well as practice and rehearsals.

Dosimetry intelligence

We all know that the majority of musicians will experience some form of hearing damage during their careers. At Private Ear we believe that prevention is the best approach. That’s why we developed the Ones for in-ear protection.

But that is not enough. We work on a technologic solution that offers dosimetry intelligence and insights for complete orchestras.

The world’s best noise dosimeter

We are committed to developing the best noise dosimeter on the planet. We’ve already taken some big steps towards this goal, and the results are promising. Our dosimeter measures exactly at the ear position, which means that we can provide unparalleled insights to orchestras, helping them to take control over noise pressure.

The solution we are working on will provide real-time dosimetry data from performances, practice, and rehearsals, so that orchestras can take responsibility for their musicians’ hearing health. For this, we’ll make use of sensoring that is already built in in our in-ear solution, the Ones.


Orchestras have a responsibility to protect their musicians from avoidable hearing damage. We know hearing damage, and what it does to musicians. That’s why we are passionate about providing the tools, insights and knowledge needed for orchestra management to take on the problem.


If you are part of an orchestra or scientific institute and and interested in collaborating with us on research and development, drop us a message. We would be delighted to get to know you and work together towards a safer, healthier future for musicians.

Please feel free to reach out to us and introduce yourself.